My own musical musings. This music is very electronic, kind of dark, kind of etherial. It is just a collection of stuff I have done – remix contests, doodles, transcriptions or just for the heck of it.

None of these are my original compositions. They are all reworkings of other people's original works. These are primarily examples of my mixing, remixing and producing abilities.

They are all produced entirely in software, no hardware instruments or processors were used. These were done entirely on a Macintosh G6 using nothing but software, a good set of speakers and my own creativity.

They are all MP3 format. Just click on the one of the links on the left to listen, right-click or [command]-click to save.

All That Depth
Bach - Little Fugue
The Darkest Hour
Red River Rock
Romsdal Waltz
Beethoven - Sinfonia to Cantata
Beethoven - Symphony #9, Second Movement
The Hand that Feeds
The Key
Religious Mistrust